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French Post-War Social Theory: International Knowledge Transfer

This web-site complements my French Post-War Social Theory: International Knowledge Transfer published by Sage Publications in November, 2011.

The book contains five main chapters. Each of these chapters is devoted to the work of one of five authors: Raymond Aron (1903-83); Louis Althusser (1918-90); Michel Foucault (1926-84); Jean-François Lyotard (1924-98); and Pierre Bourdieu (1930-2002). Each of these chapters treats the French production and the English reproduction of the texts of the authors in seven sections dealing chronologically with Background; 1945-60; 1960-70; 1970-80; 1980-90; 1990-2000; 2000-10. In each chapter, the references only provide full bibliographic details for those texts from which there are quotations. However, the discussions make reference to the full range of the publications of each of the authors. To have included full references in the published book would have consumed about 10% of the words allocated for the publication. As a consequence, this web-site address is given in the book and it enables readers to cross-refer to all the texts mentioned in the book as they read.

Like the book, this bibliography is presented chronologically, treating 1945-2008. In each year, I give the French publications (in italics) of each of the authors (RA = Raymond Aron; LA = Louis Althusser; MF = Michel Foucault; JFL = Jean-François Lyotard; PB = Pierre Bourdieu) and also the English translations for the year (in bold). I offer the publications for each year alphabetically by author – i.e. I do not try to recapture the chronological sequence of all the texts within each year. I do not attempt to provide any cross-reference between the date of publication of a French text and the date of publication of its Englis translation. In the vast majority of cases, it is clear from the English title which French text it is reproducing. I am not completely consistent in indicating, or not, new editions of previously published texts. Mainly this chronology captures the dates of first publication but there are some significant exceptions. I am not completely consistent in restricting the English language translations to those published in England. I attempt to make a distinction between UK and USA publications and to chart only the production of the former but this becomes increasingly unsustainable towards the end of the period as publihing houses operate trans-atlantically and beyond.

This chronological bibliography was conceived also to provide details, for each year, of significant social and political events. As I indicate in the book, it is my intention to complement its ‘internal’ discussion of texts with an analysis of the ‘external’ social contexts of their production and trans-national reception. I hope that this bibliography will be augmented accordingly to coincide with the appearance of this second book. As it stands, this bibliography is incomplete in some places (notably in not yet entering all post mortem translations of Bourdieu into English) and it ceases at 2008. It is not, therefore, definitive but I shall be updating it as I work on the second book. Just as the book is offered as a contribution to a potentially collective endeavour to understand the dialectic between texts and the contexts of their production and reception across national/cultural boundaries, so this web-site is designed to be a contribution towards ongoing research. I will welcome e-mail comments to

Further to the comments made above when this site was created in advance of the publication of French Post-War Social Theory, I am now (February, 2013) beginning a process of editing so as to include summaries of political events in Britain and France.  My intention will then be to focus on one year in each decade so as to examine the production of social science/theory texts in the French political context and, subsequently, the reception of those texts in the different British political context.  I begin with a summary of events for the period between 1945 and 1950 with a view to contextualising the production of Aron's texts in these years.

Chronological Bibliography



by March 20, the French frontier had been cleared by the Allies

May, return of prisoners and deportees

May 8,end of war, but not felt as such in France

Sept 2,surrender of Japan

Oct 21, referendum on the constitutional powers of the Assembly and elections to the constituent Assembly, dominated by resistance left*

Nov 13, unanimous agreement in Assembly that de Gaulle should continue to direct the government.


* PC (Parti Communiste, Communist Party), 26.12% (159 seats); MRP (Mouvement Republicain Populaire, People’s Republican Movement), 23.81% (150 seats); SFIO (Section Francaise de l’Internationale Ouvriere, the Socialist Party), 23.35% (146 seats);Radicalisme and UDSR (Union Democratique et Socialiste de la Resistance, Democratic and Socialist Resistance Union), 10.49% (60 seats);Moderates, 15.6% (64 seats).


RA: De l’Armistice à l’insurrection nationale, Paris, Gallimard. Coll. “Problèmes et documents” [republished in 1990]

RA: L’Age des empires et l’avenir de la France, Paris, Défense de la France [republished in 1990]

RA: L’Homme contre les tyrans, Paris, Gallimard. Re-edition of 1944. [republished in 1990]


April 30, Hitler commits suicide in Berlin.

May 7, Germany surrenders at Rheims.

May 8, Victory in Europe Day.

May 23, Churchill disbands Wartime Coalition and forms a Caretaker Government pending an election.

July 5, General Election.Results announced July 26*, Labour victory.Attlee becomes PM in succession to Churchill.Ernest Bevin becomes Foreign Sec.

July 17, Potsdam Conference convenes in Berlin.

July 26, Allies at Potsdam call on Japan to surrender.

Aug 15, Parliament opened by George VI.King’s Speech announces nationalisation of the mines and repeal of the Trade Disputes Act.

Sept, All-India Congress rejects British proposals for self-govt.

Oct 4, UK unofficial dock strike begins

Oct 13, Dalton’s first budget,  income and purchase taxes reduced;  profits tax introduced;  surtax raised. 

*Labour, 393 seats, Conservatives, 213, Liberals, 12, others, 22.  Formation of first Labour Government with a majority (146 seats).




Jan 20,resignation of de Gaulle

Jan 23,three parties signed ‘charte de collaboration’ inaugurating ‘tripartisme’ (until May, 1947)

Jan 26 to June 12,govt of Felix Gouin (Socialist)

May 5,referendum on projected constitution, victory for the No vote.

June 2,elections for the 2nd constituent Assembly*

June 16,de Gaulle’s ‘discours de Bayeux ’

June 23 to Nov 28,govt of Georges Bidault (MRP)

July,Ho chi Minh in France, but collapse of negotiations

Oct 13,constitution of the 4th Republic approved in a referendum, statement defining the French Union

Nov 10,election of the first National Assembly of the 4th Republic, with majority of PCF in the left tri-partite govt**

Nov 27,adoption of the Monnet Plan

Dec 4,official birth of the 4th Republic

Dec 8,election of the Conseil de la Republique

Dec 16 to Jan 16, 1947,govt of Leon Blum (Socialist).


*PC, 25.9% (153 seats); SFIO, 21.1% (128 seats); MRP, 28.2% (166 seats); RGR (Rassemblement des gauches republicaines [Radicals + UDSR], 11.6% (52 seats).

**PC, 28.2% (182 seats); SFIO, 17.8% (102 seats); MRP, 25.9% (173 seats); RGR, 11.1% (69 seats)

RA: L’Age des empires et l’avenir de la France, Paris.


March 1, Bank of England nationalized

March 5, Churchill’s ‘Iron Curtain’ speech in the US

May 22, Trade Disputes Act repealed

April 9, Dalton’s second Budget,purchase tax reduced,income tax allowances increased

Nov 12, King’s Speech announces nationalisation of railways, ports, long-distance road transport and inland waterways.

Nov, National Health Act







Jan 16,Vincent Auriol (Socialist) elected first President of the 4th Republic

Jan 28,Paul Ramadier (Socialist) becomes PM

Mar 10 to Ap 25,unsuccessful meeting of foreign ministers of US, UK, France and USSR in Moscow on the future of Germany

April 7,founding of the Rassemblement du peuple francais (RPF)

May, suppression of revolts in Madagascar

May 4, Communists leave tripartite govt

June 5,announcement of Marshall Plan

Oct, municipal elections marked the emergence of de Gaulle’s RPF

Oct, meeting of European communist parties in Poland

Nov, Thorez meeting with Stalin.

Nov 13, Nobel Prize for literature awarded to Andre Gide

Nov, secession of Force Ouvriere (FO),Socialist, from the Confederation generale du travail (CGT),Communist.

Nov 19,resignation of Ramadier

Nov 22,Robert Schuman (MRP) becomes PM.




Jan 1,Coal and Cable and Wireless nationalised

Jan 7,Transport strike begins in London

Feb,Peace treaties with Italy, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Finland.

Feb,Fuel crisis

Feb 20,Attlee states that power would be transferred to India not later than June, 1948. Transfer of power in fact takes place on Aug 24.

April 1,school leaving age raised to 15

June 5,General Marshall’s speech leads to development of Marshall Aid programme

July 15,Sterling made convertible but convertibility suspended (Aug 21)

July,Dominion’s Office changes to Commonwealth Relations Office

Aug 6,Attlee announces crisis austerity plan for British economy.

Aug 15,British rule ends in India.

Oct 21,King’s Speech outlines plans for gas nationalisation,curbing of powers for House of Lords, abolition of Poor Law and reductions in size of Armed forces.

Oct 30,23 nations sign a General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade in Geneva.

Nov 1, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg form customs union.

Nov 12,Emergency Budget, profits tax and drink duties raised.  Budget leak.Cripps replaces Dalton at the Exchequer.

Nov 20,Princess Elizabeth weds Lieutenant Mountbatten.





Jan 26,devaluation of the franc

July 26,Andre Marie (Radical) becomes PM

establishment of North African Liberation committee

Aug,Communists created the Mouvement de la Paix, pres.  J.-F. Joliot Curie

Sept 11,Henri Queuille (Radical) becomes PM

RA: Le Grand schisme, Paris, Gallimard

RA: Introduction à la philosophie de l’histoire, Paris, Gallimard (revised edition of 1938)




Jan 1,British Railways formed.

Jan 4,Burma becomes independent and leaves Commonwealth

Jan 30,Gandhi assassinated in New Delhi.

Jan 30,govt publishes bill to end double voting and to abolish the 12 university seats.

Feb 9,Cripps’ wage freeze launched in White Paper on prices,costs and incomes.

Feb 28, last British troops leave India.

Mar 17,Brussels Treaty Organization formed

April 1,Electricity nationalized

April 6,Cripps’ first Budget,capital levy introduced, tobacco and drink duties up,pools betting established,income tax relief granted.

April 15,Bevan offers doctors freedom of practice within the NHS

April 16,formation of OEEC

May,Churchill speaks at the Hague Conference on European Unity

June 21,Empire Windrush arrives in Tilbury.

July 5,National Health Service inaugurated

July,Marshall Aid agreement

Aug,British withdrawal from Palestine completed

Dec 15,Republic of Ireland Act passed in Dublin Parliament







victory in China brought chinese aid to Ho Chi Minh

April 4,signing of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (establishment of NATO)

May,council of Europe founded

Oct 29,Georges Bidault (MRP) becomes PM




Jan 1,British Nationality Act comes into force

March 15,clothes rationing ends

April 4,North Atlantic Treaty Organization formed

April 6,Cripps’second Budget,Income tax relief, beer and wine duties reduced,betting tax and death duties raised,food subsidies cut.

April 18,Republic of Ireland fully inaugurated (and leaves the Commonwealth)

April,Commonwealth PMs accept India’s wish to remain a member as a republic

May 1,Gas nationalised

May 23,Federal Republic of Germany comes into existence

Aug 8,Council of Europe meets for first time in Strasbourg

Sept 18,devaluation of sterling, £1 = $2.80

Oct 24,Attlee announces cuts of £140 million in capital spending and £120 million in current expenditure,bank loan restrictions,building controls.

Nov 15,Govt postpones iron and steel nationalisation until 1951

Nov 19,New agreement between Govt and trade unions on wages standstill

Dec 16,Royal assent given to Parliament Bill restricting Lords’ delaying powers to 12 months.





May 9,Robert Schuman announces European Coal and Steel Community

July 12,Rene Pleven (UDSR) becomes PM

Oct 26,Pleven Plan on the European army

dismissal of Joliot Curie from atomic commission

RA: La Sociologie allemande contemporaine [reprint 1 of 1935]

RA: Essai sur une théorie de l’histoire dans l’Allemagne contemporaine; la philosophie critique de l’histoire [reprint 1 of 1938]




Jan,Britain recognizes Communist China

Feb23,General Election, narrow Labour victory*.Attlee continues as PM and Bevin as Foreign Secretary

April 18,Cripps’ last Budget,income tax reduced,fuel tax and purchase tax raised

May 26,end of petrol rationing

June,renewed fighting in Malaya.  N. Korea invades S. Korea.British troops in action (Sept)

Sept 2,Wage freeze breaks down as TUC votes against incomes policy

Sept 19,European Payments Union established

Oct 19,Cripps resigns due to ill health. Succeeded as chancellor of the Exchequer by Gaitskell

Dec 4,Attlee flies to Washington for meeting with Truman on atomic bomb and defence burden sharing.

Dec 13,announcement that Marshall Aid to the UK will end on Jan 1.

Dec 14,Communique on Attlee-Truman talks published.

    *Labour, 315 seats,Conservatives, 298,Liberals, 9, others, 3. Labour majority of 5.




March 10,Henri Queuille (Radical) becomes PM

April 18,establishment of European Coal and Steel Community

May 9,new electoral law voted by National assembly

June 17,legislative elections,de Gaulle’s party second to PCF*

Aug 12,Rene Pleven (UDSR) becomes PM

Dec 13,Schuman Plan ratified

    *PC,25.67%,SFIO14.35%,RGR, 9.87%,MRP,12.39%,Moderates,13.88%,RPF,21.56%


RA: Les Guerres en chaîne, Paris, Gallimard [trans as 1954]




Jan 9,Govt abandons East African Ground Nuts scheme.

Jan 17,Bevan appointed Minister of Labour,Isaacs to Pensions,Marquand Minister of Health.

Jan 29,major rearmament programme,Attlee announces defence spending of £4,700 million over 3 years,250,000 reservists called up.

Feb 15,iron and steel nationalised.

March 9,Bevin leaves Foreign Office to become Lord Privy Seal. Replaced as Foreign Secretary by Morrison.

April 10,Gaitskell’s first Budget,income tax, purchase tax and petrol duties increased,‘initial allowances’ on new plant scrapped.

April 14,Bevin dies.

April 21,Bevan resigns over the introduction of dental and spectacle charges

April 22,Wilson resigns over defence estimates

April 24,Shawcross appointed to Board of Trade,Robens to the Ministry of Labour.

May 3,Festival of Britain opened by George VI.

June,Burgess and Maclean flee to the Soviet Union

Sept 8,Peace treaty with Japan

Sept 19,General Election called for Oct 25.

Sept 23,George VI has operation on his lungs.

Oct 25,General Election:  conservative victory*.

Oct 26,Churchill becomes Prime Minister.

    *Conservatives,321 seats,Labour,295,Liberals,6,others,3. Conservative majority of 17.





Jan 20,Edgar Faure (Radical) becomes PM

March 8,Antoine Pinay (Independent) becomes PM




Feb 6,death of George VI,Elizabeth II succeeds

Oct 3,British atomic bomb exploded off Australia

Oct 21,Kenyatta arrested.State of emergency declared in Kenya





Jan 8,Rene Mayer (Radical) becomes PM

May,launch of L’Express

June 28,Joseph Laniel (Independent) becomes PM

July 22,beginning of the Poujadiste movement

Aug 7,General strike in public services

Aug 20,arrest and deportation of Moroccan Sultan

Pope Pius XII closed seminary of Catholic worker priests.

Nov,establishment of the Union de Defense des Commercants et Artisans (UDCA), poujadisme.

Dec 23,Rene Coty elected President.



RA: Aufbau eines neuen Europa, Berlin.

RA (pseudonym: François Houtisse): La coexistence pacifique, essai d’analyse, Editions Monde nouveau, Paris.




Feb 5,creation of a Central African Federation of Northern and Southern Rhodesia and Nyasaland announced.

March 5,death of Stalin.

June 2,coronation of Elizabeth II

July,Korean armistice signed

Oct,Federal Constitution for the Rhodesias and Nyasaland implemented



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Derek Robbins.